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Site Rules - Scorch

Read this before you post. Remember this may be updated at any time.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning and possibly a ban from a staff member.

Site Rules

You are allowed only one account. If you or someone else who is using the same IP address wishes to create a second account you must contact an administrator.

Any message that is intended to be visible to only the sender and recipient is considered private. If you feel that a private message sent to you is offensive in any manner then report it to a member of the staff. Private messages will not be moderated unless reported. When you report a private message include these details: quoted text, screenshots, or forwarded messages.

You are only allowed to use English in any publicly visible context of this site.

Although race and other personal details can be masked in this environment. Do not post racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory messages.

This isn't that type of site. Don't talk about sexually orientated or any other obscene subject.

Offensive Language
Be mature and have calm, intelligent discussions. If you see someone using Offensive Language (Trolling, Flamming, ...) you report it and don't sink to their level.

Uploading irrelevant or meaningless material to increase your post count and/or troll is not allowed.



Do not make threads to advertise anything. Unless there is a very good reason for you to do otherwise.

Recipient Specific Threads
Making a thread dedicated to one specific person is pointless. Use private messages or visitor messages.

Double Threading
Don't make two threads about the same subject. The Staff may ask you on which of the threads to delete, but they can choose one themselves. You are also likely to be punished for breaking this rule.
This rule also applies that you shouldn't create threads about a similar topic already posted.

Posting in a thread solely to change the way it is listed is unacceptable. A thread may only be bumped once every 24 hours.

Posting in old threads is considered necroposting. If you do this you should have a good reason to do so.

Many forums have sticky threads. Often one of these threads will contain further rules and these must be followed.

Read the Thread
Before posting please actually read the thread and don't post unneeded posts.
Answering a thread in which the OP clearly said that he got his answer will not be tolerated. The posts will probably be deleted and user punished.
The only exception is if you have something helpful to add.

Wrong Section
If a thread is in the wrong section and you are the first one to notice then please report the thread and post a comment that you have done so.
If you are not the first one to notice and post a comment then please don't post it as then it's considered spam.


Off Topic
When you post in a thread it should be about the thread subject or a reply to another on-topic post in the thread. You can always make a new thread for a different subject.

Double Posting
Double posting is posting two consecutive posts. You may not double post in any case unless you are bumping the thread. The posts will be merged or deleted. Breaking this rule several time will result in punishment.
If you post even more than just 2 posts (Triple Post or even Necro Post) you are very likely to be punished harder than for Double posting.
I do understand lag can cause double or triple posts. In which case edit all lag induced posts similar to this format.
Quote:Accidental double/triple post.
Please delete.

Quality Posting
Every post must have a meaning. Replies like "kool story bro" are considered spam and will be taken care of.


Updated 1/28/11 - Fixed Grammar and added in double post. ~Scorch
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