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Full Version: Staff Application - Ethereal (Approved)
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Username: Ethereal
Age: 14
Position: Either
Skills: C#/AutoIT, a little C++. I have MyBB.
Why do you want to join staff: I spend much of my time helping people, and at the moment, I help manage Alphacoders, and was a Staff member of MonetizerForums, before they merged. I can give you some examples of classes that I have coded, if you wish to see, and offer programming aid indiscriminately.
Are you a moderator on any other site (if so, which?): Was Staff on MonetizerForums, Admin of AlphaCoders and Super Moderator of Exploit Forums.
Any other details that give you a higher change to be accepted: We can discuss these over IM. Ask me any questions you want -
Which section do you wish to moderate (Moderators only): Probably .NET section as a definite; However, I would be willing to moderate most sections, as I have experience in many languages(just not extensive Undecided)

.NET is only a forum, while Programming is the section.
Therefore I will give you moderation over Programming.

Application Approved
Thank you Smile

Hope I live up to expectations.
I have nothing to argue here either...

Wow, 2 Programming moderators already...

Same as by the last one, have a nice time being a Mod!

~ Forum Admin Minethes Cool
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