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Full Version: Staff Application - nickjonnes (Rejected)
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Age: 17
Hackforums username (not from hackforums? Write which site here instead):nickjonnes
Skills: vb6 C++ learning Ruby and web languages :php sql html ect
Why do you want to join staff: To Learn how to Run a forum and help others with their coding aswell as learrning more about coding myself
Are you a moderator on any other site (if so, which?): no
Any other details that give you a higher change to be accepted:know metasploit very well.
Which section do you wish to moderate:preferably programming or off topic but i dont really mind which what ever it is ill make sure i do a good job of it but
I have read & agree with the rules: yes
cheers nick

You have clearly not read the thread:

1. Which section do you wish to moderate:preferably programming, go find out why.
2. You can't be a moderator if you don't know what section to moderate.

Also joining and applying for moderator without even posting anything isn't the best idea either. It gives the impression of you leaving immediately if you were rejected and staying only if approved.

Application Rejected
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