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As you surely noticed the only game that has its own section is Warcraft III (Warcraft 3). The reason is in the description of its forum (reading is important Wink) So i would like to ask YOU to make a suggestion of games that should get its own section too. The suggestion/request will be approved under these conditions:

#1 You have to exactly name your Game and write a short description about it containing: Type (MMORPG, RPG, FPS...), Pay per moth or Free to Play, and any other useful thing about the game to attract attention.

#2 The Game that will be chosen will have its own section created.
BUT if it doesn't get any threads in the next 2 days, it will be removed.

#3 Please give us your feed back on WHY did you chose this game for the selection on getting its own section.

~ Forum Admin Minethes Cool
I would suggest a Call of Duty or Battlefield section.

Like "Call of Duty Section./title One of the most popular First Person Shooters in the the gaming industry."

I vote for it because I like COD 4, and I know many others do too.
I like the idea. Personally I don't play any but that's because my only computer is a netbook and it's not good enough to be able to play.
It may be an idea to create forums via the developer. That way, you could have every Ijji game(Soldier Front, A.V.A) in one forum.
Alright, I have added Call of Duty.
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