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Full Version: Choosing the right linux for you
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(01-16-2011 04:48 PM)Hidden Dragon Wrote: [ -> ]Do you like using Linux better than Windows? I've never used anything except Windows. Sometimes it's more like Winblows though.

If you meant me, then yes, I like it much more than Windows.
It was really just a general question for everybody. What are the advantages of using it?
Cross platform programming, open source programs (meaning you can configure most applications to your need directly via code), faster startup time, great tools for hacking (for those which exist for both platforms), etc.
Open source is cool. I never shut down my computer, just hibernate it so startup isn't a huge deal and I don't really do any hacking anymore. I might look into it though. What would you recommend for a first-time user?
BlackBuntu or UBuntu, it's the most user friendly, just that BlackBuntu has preinstalled hacking tools.
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