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Full Version: Warcraft III - DotA -> Favorite heroes & why?
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Since no1 is posting anything new or creating any new threads, I've decided to stimulate you on a maybe more interesting/talk able topic. Big Grin

What are YOUR Favorite Heroes in the to all-known game on, Defense of the Ancients aka. DotA. And Why?

~ Forum Admin Minethes Cool

My Favorite heroes are: Storm, Faceless Void, Gondar, Troll Warlord, Invoker.

They are not written in any order to determinate who I like the most, because I can not really decide who... Tongue

I actually like playing all heroes, as they all can be the "OP" (Overpowered) hero. I've picked 5 of my favorites but i could add about 5-10 more that are excellent to play with.

Storm: because my nickname is Šturm -> Storm in English Big Grin Tongue and because he is really fun to play, he can help alot, solo kill, and is good in gangs. And he has an easy way of escaping if needed or follow some1.
He is also a good creep farmer.

Faceless Void: is a bit hard to pimp up if you are focused on by the enemy, but if you know how he can dodge the most of the dangers with his Time Walk. When correctly used with the correct item set he can be the strongest hero in game. Specialy based in solo kills, good team gang support with the right allies heroes. A medium creep farmer.

Gondar: Is an excellent anti-hero for both invisible heroes (Riki, Lanaya) (Wind Walk...) and low-HP heroes. He is great at both team gangs and solo killing. A good finish off hero and an excellent farmer. With his Wind Walk spell he is also a great assassin. (kill & escape - if the enemy does not have anything to reveal invisible heroes) After a few successive kills while using his ultimate (lv. 6 spell - Track) he can become "over feeded" and fatal for the result in the game.

Troll Warlord: A great and feared hero. Known for good solo kills, and team up Buffer, (lv. 6 spell - Battle Trance) if you have control over the entire map. (you can help allies by speeding up their attack speed - can help some late-game heroes at start (example Void/Ursa Warrior - when his Overpower spell is already used up... ). He is an Roshan early-game killer, similar as the hero Ursa Warrior. He is also a good creep farmer. If feed well over the game he can bring the team to an easy win Wink

Invoker: 1 of the most (if not the most) difficult hero to play in DotA.
But in anyway a really damn "OP" hero if you know how to play him perfectly and even if not. Tongue He is a great team supporter, finish off hero, team ganger, creep farmer, assassin, escaper, solo killer, everything you can think off. He can evolve into all kinds of item sets (support, damage, tank...). And act in any situation (because of his lv.2 - Invoke ability that he can manipulate the orbs (Quas, Wex, Exort) to create very different powerful and effective spells) , especially after the improvement Ice Frog (DotA owner/creator) made in v.6.69 (so he can now focus on stats too (Str, Agi, Int) making him even more flexible in situations depending on what hero is his enemy on the line he is).

Well the spam of information end here i guess... My hands need some rest Tongue.
Hope this thread was interesting ans useful. Please share your opinion with us below. Don't be shy to comment Wink
Hmm interesting thread. My favorite are:

- Troll >> Overall quite easy to play, and is very strong at lategame.

- Clinkz >> Very fun to play with. The constant 522 speed makes it easy to kill and run.

- Silencer >> Very good to make enemies rage quit.

- Meepo >> I don't play him a lot, though I like him the most.

- Axe >> Nice tank and never get tired of making them kill themselves.

- Barathrum >> It's awesome to charge at them and the greater bash is nice too.

- Traxes >> Nice damage and agility.
Hmph, now all you need to tell more now is WHY Big Grin
Aww crap, well I'll do it sometime in the future.

EDIT: Well I described the heroes in a few words as to why I like them.
I now play LoL because DotA has many imbalances and things that must be fixed(4creep kills=1kill, lolwat).
But my old DotA favourite hero was PotM, because she could pwn in early, mid AND lategame. And also very fun to play.
Interesting, I never was good with PotM.
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