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Php and binary tree's
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GamingManiac Offline

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Php and binary tree's
Im here to ask if anyone knows how to go about coding a binary search tree in php

I have created this countless times in C++ but I am not comfortable enough in php to attempt it

Here is a c++ version I wrote
void Bank::add(account* data)                                            //Account Add method
    if (accroot == NULL)
        accroot = data;

    account* acurr = accroot;
    account* aprev;
    numb_accounts ++;
    while (acurr)
        aprev = acurr;
        if (data->numb == acurr->numb)
            acurr = acurr->aright;
        if (data->numb > acurr->numb)
            acurr = acurr->aright;
            acurr = acurr->aleft;
    if (data->numb > aprev->numb)
        aprev->aright = data;
        aprev->aleft = data;

this adds the numbers to a binary tree based on their value

Any ideas how to do the equivalent in php?

*EDIT* - Just realised that im making this over complicated

Can anyone help me write a php script that, in order to view a page on my site they have to entered a number (ID number) and then have th php check if it is in a text file?
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01-21-2011 12:27 AM
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RE: Php and binary tree's
Not me sorry, never did php.
01-21-2011 11:49 AM
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