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Choosing The Right Operating System
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Choosing The Right Operating System
Choosing The Right Operating System

Welcome to my second tutorial, in this tutorial I will be focusing on Operating Systems, it can be very important that you choose the correct one for your needs. All content in this tutorial is from my knowledge and has not been copied. I have published similar articles on other websites, this isn't a copy. Some of this guide is my personal opinion.

The Most Popular Operating Systems (OS)
-Windows Vista
-Windows XP
-Windows 7
-Windows 98
-Windows ME
Linux (It's free!)
Thousands of others!
Macintosh OS (Mac)
-OS 9 and under

Right, let's start with Windows, Windows is the 'Big Daddy' of all operating systems, a lot may not agree with this though. Windows is mainly used by Home-Users and Business-Users.

Windows has a lot of Microsoft-made products, Microsoft Word and Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. If you like video games, Windows video game library is much better than Mac OS. Windows is easy Microsoft has almost universal third party programming support, making it able to run thousands of great pieces of software. Windows is simple to use, is frequently updated, and is definitely the most popular operating system in the world. It’s also notorious for its bugs and crashes, and simply not being free or open-source. Editing a system program is like dancing on nails.

However, many people think that it is because of Windows’ popularity that so many bugs have been discovered; it’s very likely that if Mac OS was being used by as many people as Windows, all the computer experts would be attacking Apple, possibly until they were carried of on a stretcher in a Mac-bashing induced asthmatic daze.

If you decide to use Windows, it’s important to have the most recent version possible, since Microsoft updates their OS drastically with every revision. Also, run Windows Update often to protect your computer from bugs. Windows is also more prone to viruses than other systems, so good virus protection software is a must; Recommendations are: Mcafee Antivirus, AVG, MalwareBytes, and there are many others though these are probably the best.

Derived from Unix, and being used in Schools, Libraries, and even space! Linux is developed by people from all over the world working together with the goal of spending long nights in front of a computer screen to develop a useful, free operating system. The source code used to create Linux systems is open to anyone who wants to view it. This is great, because if you open up the source code files and look at them really hard for a very long amount of time, you’ll get bored and go watch TV. (No offence meant to any Linux enthusiasts)

Luckily for us, the programmers behind Linux have the attention spans necessary to improve on the code to make better and better operating systems, as well as programs, hardware drivers, etc. Different programming teams work to develop Linux for different purposes, leading to many different types of Linux, called “distributions.” Most of these distributions can be downloaded for free, which obviously is a big plus for Linux users. Since Mac OS only works on Apple computers and Windows costs around 90 dollars per user, Linux might be the ideal choice for businesses that need computer systems for basic functions. For instance, Mandrake Linux, one of the most popular distributions, has programs built right in to the OS that are comparable to Windows Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer—all free. What’s more, Mandrake has a simple, user-friendly interface like Windows, allowing the computer illiterate to utilize its many features. Another popular distribution is Red Hat, which many businesses are converting to.

Linux sounds great, but it has significant downsides. Some distributions are hard to use, and even user friendly distributions like Mandrake and Red Hat are unable to open many Windows and Macintosh filetypes. Gaming is pretty limited on Linux computers, and crashing is very simple. A single wrong command, and if a Linux machine crashes, data recovery can be very expensive.

Mac OS
I have previously tried out Mac...
My first reaction to Mac OS was, "This operating system is very stable, works well with many programs, and is a viable alternative to Windows."
My second reaction was,
“Why does the mouse have one button?!”

Mac is a great computer for Office work and for the eyes. The Mac is beautifully designed. If you're running OSX, Mac will dazzle you.

My point is that if you’re a lifetime Windows user, switching to the Mac interface is a bit daunting. Mac OS is just like any other operating system, except that:

1. It doesn’t have a flashy name.

2. It’s built for the Mac architecture.

That means that you can forget about installing it on anything other than an Apple computer, and a few PPC linux distributions. That means paying a slightly higher price tag in many situations, and your mouse will only have one button.

The other big disadvantage of Mac computers is that, like Linux, it’s unable to use Windows programs and there are a few file types that are difficult to open. Luckily, Apple made up for this by creating a host of great programs, most of them superior to their Windows counterpart. Apple computers tend to be more stable than Windows computers, meaning that they crash less.

Some other things to consider: files deleted in Mac OS are immediately overwritten, making them unable to be recovered in most situations. This is a built in e-shredder for businesses, but if you delete something you needed, even top data recovery companies are usually unable to get it back, and if somehow they do, it won’t be cheap. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple will be using Intel processors in its computers soon. This should mean a boom in Mac OS programming, though at least at first it still won’t be able to keep up with Windows.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone choosing an Operating System.
11-12-2010 04:29 PM
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RE: Choosing The Right Operating System
I have been working for in my windows xp. so this is use ful for me because all software installtion is very easy. so my favorite is windows xp
01-30-2013 10:42 AM
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