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Staff Application - biasa199 (Rejected)
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RE: Staff Application - biasa199
Quote:( Ironside when you read this can you add an emote like the Blackhat on HF )?

I'll take over this question. The answer is he/me can't because of the FTP problem... You know...
I've tried but didn't find an option for it, so all depends on the domain (if it will have the FTP access)

I will not review this thread, that is Ironsides decision.

Quote:Why do you want to join staff:

Answer to the question as in "Why" you answered with what all you will do, but not why. Do a sentence more in your application answering it properly. I also recommend typing a good skill or 2 as what makes you fit for this job.

Or in short... Write something for this question.

Quote:Any other details that give you a higher change to be accepted:

(Hope I didn't spam everything up again, but rules are rules and I can't 2 post or something TongueWink )

I'm sure Ironside would want the same.

~ Forum Admin Minethes Cool
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01-24-2011 01:40 PM
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