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How to host games in Warcraft III
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How to host games in Warcraft III
Hello, since many users are having problems with hosting in Warcraft III, I decided to create a tutorial.

1. What we must do

In order for you to be able to host, you must open a port for the computers to connect to you and therefore being able to join your games.

You can think of this like a door: Let's say you are selling something, and someone wants to buy your object from you. He must enter the garage in order to talk to you (let's pretend the host can't hear you otherwise and that the customer can't break the door), so if the door is closed, the customer cannot talk to you (join you) since the door (port) is closed.
Now after we port forward, it's like we'd open the door with the only key that can unlock the door, and now the customer can talk to you (join you) and so now you can host games on Warcraft III.

2. Getting required information

First of all, let's begin by going to start > all programs > accessories > Command Prompt (cmd) (or simply start > run > cmd).

Now type into the console that appeared ipconfig.

It should look somehow like this:

Now notice the fields Default Gateway and IP Address . I suggest you to write these two numbers down somewhere or else you can remember them.

3. Entering your ISP website

Now use the Default Gateway that you got from the last step and open up internet explorer, or another web browser and type http://Default_Gateway so in my case it's

So now if it asks you for Username & Password, the default is admin, admin. If that doesn't work, try the following:

Username, Password:

admin, <empty>
root, <empty>
root, root
blank, blank
blank, <empty>

If none of these work, then ask your ISP (your internet provider).
Or your parents... You should've got all information on a paper when you ordered the internet...

4. Opening ports

Once you managed to enter your ISP website, we have to find the place where we can portforward, usually it's something called a Toolbox or Games & Application sharing, Portforwarding, etc.

In my case it's Toolbox, then Games & Application sharing, and then Create a new Game or Application. After you find your page it would look somehow like this (note that pages look very different!):

Follow the picture to put the correct values:

The picture shows that I've portforwarded all ports from 6112 to 6119, you can also just portforward 6112 alone!

After you are done, apply the changes and if you have to, put the application to be used by you (mine for example, needs to be applied for a certain user that will use this application). So after this save the changes and exit the site.

5. Testing

Now it's time to go test if you can host games! I suggest hosting a game of DotA as you'll find out the fastest if people can join. Wait for a few minutes, if nothing then you might want to read the tutorial and see if you did something wrong.

If you are unable to find the problem, then post a reply here and I will try to help.

6. Things to know about hosting

You need to refresh the game every maximum 30 seconds, you do this by closing and opening slots. Refresh brings your game back to the front page.
It is recommended that you get a Autorefresh tool instead. You might also want to get yourself a banlist, which allows you to ban players, so they cannot join your games.
The best tool for hosting is GHost, it has autorefresh, banlist, autohosting, kick, votekick, ban, warn, mute, and much, much more; basically all you can imagine to host a game.

~ Forum Admin Minethes Cool
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RE: How to host games in Warcraft III
Ps. help the site by Registering & sharing to your friends. Thank you.

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11-18-2010 03:06 PM
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