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Staff Application Form
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Staff Application Form
Hello, you should read this thread before applying for a Staff member.
Post your application in this section, create a new thread and fill the application.
The Title for your application should look something like this: Staff Application - Your_Username
Example: Staff Application - Ironside

There will most probably be a question that you will have to answer once you create your Application thread since we're coming closer to the goal.

Moderators for section Programming are closed (meaning you can not become a moderator of the Programming section).


You must be active on the forum (else there is no point anyway).

You will only be able to moderate the section in which you applied to be moderator in.

If you will abuse your position in any way, you will be removed from Staff and punished properly on what you have broken.
You can only give -reputation to people who spam, multipost, insult, share illegal content or in any other way break the rules.

By normal you should give only up to 3 reputation points, while in negative also up to -3, any numbers above these are for extreme cases. If you're in doubts, feel free to contact me.

Follow this form for your application:


[Only answer the appropiate question of the following 3.]
Hackforums username (Only if registered there):
Hiveworksop username (Only if registered there):
Not from any of those? Where did you hear about our site:


Why do you want to join staff:

Are you a moderator on any other site (if so, which?):

Any other details that give you a higher change to be accepted:

Which section do you wish to moderate:

I have read & agree with the rules (if not, I suggest you do so immediately):

Your questions:
[Include any questions that you have about anything here.]
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01-15-2011 05:26 PM
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